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Solar Panels

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Solar Panels & Renewable Energy Sources

RenoMasters' office building is powered by solar panels. We also work closely with Dunedin Solar to offer our clients the option of installing solar panels as part of their renovation projects. Solar panels are a renewable power source and can be one of the best actions individuals can take to reduce the environmental impact of using fossil fuels for power. Our office building has just had a new row of solar panels installed meaning our entire building runs of solar power on a sunny day and extra power generated goes back to the grid.

RenoMasters Vans

We measure the carbon footprint produced by our vans using online apps and GPS tracking. Our tracking systems. Tracking software analyses petrol use and kilometers travelled. To limit the amount of fuel being used, we collect materials on route to site, saving back and forth trips during the day.

In the near future hybrid vehicles will replace diesel vans and trucks.

RenoMasters are committed to making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. We understand that as a business in the construction industry, we are responsible for doing our part to minimise our carbon footprint, act sustainably, and remain environmentally conscious on and off site.

Renovations - Warm and Dry Homes

Renovations we complete will feature code-compliant or above-code insulation, and in most cases, a combination of central heating or heat pumps and double glazing. This means the homes we renovate will use less power and retain heat better. Additionally, many of our customers choose to install solar panels to power their homes, further reducing their carbon footprint and creating an environmentally friendly home.


As a renovation company that manages subcontractors for all of our projects, we actively select contractors who also make efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and are sustainable. For example, we choose painting contractors who use low VOC paint, which produces less harmful gas, and who responsibly dispose of paint waste.

Green Recycle Symbol
Wooden Planks


Demolition and construction inherently produce a lot of waste, and RenoMasters is very conscious of what we can do to recycle materials during construction. Timber is recycled or donated to places such as local vocational training schools. All other recyclable materials are placed into recycling bins on site.

Additionally, all paper and cardboard generated at our office are placed into recycling bins, ensuring that we are recycling both on and off site. We are committed to recycling more of the materials on site and reducing the waste that is transported to landfills. The materials that we aim to recycle more include polystyrene, plastics, and cardboard on site, as well as specific Gib waste reduction movements.

Using Recycled Material

We utilise products made from recycled materials in our renovation projects. For instance, house wraps used for weather protection are made from recycled plastic and will also be recycled after use. Currently, such a product is being used in a RenoMasters home extension project.

While making changes overnight is not always achievable, our team is actively educating ourselves and taking steps to reduce our waste and act more sustainably. Industry standards and regulations for building material recycling are also changing, and we are seeing new laws that require building materials to be recycled.

According to the Ministry for the Environment, construction and demolition waste makes up around 25% of the total waste generated in New Zealand, which is why reducing our impact in this area is a key focus for us. As contributors to this waste, we are actively making efforts to decrease the amount of building materials thrown away for each of our renovation projects, whether big or small.

RenoMasters is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and implementing environmentally friendly practices
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