Health & Safety and 
COVID-19 Policy

RenoMasters COVID-19 Policy

Keeping in line with the safety of all our workers, contractors, clients and visitors, RenoMasters has completed a Health & Safety Assessment and has determined the following COVID-19 protocols as of 3rd December 2021 in accordance with NZ Government requirements.

Visitors to our work place - please wear a face Mask and sign in to our office using the NZ Covid tracer app or sign in via the paper document at reception.

Visits to your work place or work site - as a fully vaccinated business, all our staff will sign in to locations using the NZ Covid tracer app or sign in via a paper document system.

If any of your staff or household are not fully vaccinated and or displaying COVID-19 type symptoms, please disclose to us prior to us entering a site so alternate meeting arrangements can be made.

The health and safety of all workers, contractors, clients and visitors is managed as much as practically possible.

Our approach is based upon the identification of hazards that could cause harm and follows the principles of good risk management to eliminate, reduce and minimise risks on the jobsite. RenoMasters is the PCBU onsite (essentially a person conducting a business or undertaking - which can be a company) and it ensures it meets compliance standards by efficiently managing or avoiding any health and safety risks for staff, subcontractors, clients and others such as the public.



PCBUs have a number of duties under the NZ Health and Safety at Work Act and RenoMasters adheres to the legislation by ensuring staff and subcontractors:

  • are trained, competent and fit to do the job safely and without putting their own or others’ health and safety at risk

  • are properly supervised and given clear instructions

  • are involved in discussions about health and safety issues

  • have the right tools, equipment, plant and personal protective equipment

  • are given opportunities to participate in improving health and safety


Site Specific Safety Plan

At RenoMasters we use leading edge software, the HazardCo Site Safety App, to conduct site reviews, risk assessments and toolbox meetings. This app facilitates the management of every aspect of our health and safety processes.

RenoMasters is dedicated to establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment on all it's building sites and complying with the relevant Legislation, Regulations, and Codes of Practice