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Achievements & Awards

RenoMasters: 2020 Westpac Otago Business Awards Winner 


The team at RenoMasters is delighted to have won the Emerging Business Award at the 2020 Westpac Otago Business Awards in November.

Held biennially, the Otago Chamber of Commerce delivers the Westpac Otago Business Awards, and 2020 marks 22 years since the awards first began. Otago is home to many great businesses and the Awards are an opportunity to showcase the best in Otago business.

In 2020, these awards acknowledge the “Journeys” of the Otago businesses, from those starting out to those that have reached their destination. The journey is not always straight-forward, there are road bumps, changes in plans, and possibly a few storms to weather. 

RenoMasters has been recognised for its significant business growth from a new business only two years ago to a million dollar turnover, from a single operator to a core team of 10, alongside contracting a significant sub-contractor base.  

The business has grown into a professional branded company, producing work that is both innovative and has high standards, backed by strong systems to monitor the business, and processes and training to support high standards in its staff.  Adding value is the core focus. Customers appreciate that it takes them effortlessly from planning to permitting and renovating to turnkey. 

2020 Westpac Otago Business Awards Winner 
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