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RenoMasters was formed to deliver building project management solutions for residential and property investment clients. Unlike large project management companies, we work on a small number of projects at any given time to ensure each project receives the focus it deserves, for the best possible results. We focus on operational design that works, delivering thoughtful, cost-effective solutions. We may engage subcontractors to perform services on your behalf, including subcontractors that are related companies. We note that Reno Masters Ltd is a related company of Click Property Management.

We are Registered Master Builders and Licensed Building Practitioners.

With a growing team, our integrated management and build approach strives to optimise all aspects of your project, which starts by asking the right questions.

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Andrew Elliott is the founder and Managing Director of RenoMasters Ltd. Andrew is a self made business man. He has over 30 years experience in Residential Property Investment, Renovation, Sales, Marketing and Business Management. Andrew also has a substantial investment portfolio that he and his wife have built up, renovated and managed over many years. There is not much that Andrew can’t put his mind to or solve when it comes to practical building and business solutions. RenoMasters are based in Dunedin and specialise in residential renovation.




Rob Saunders is a very calculated man, in more ways than one. Quantity Surveying is a complex, precise, and integral part of any building project. Rob grew up in Wanaka and after qualifying in his field and exploring the world on a two year OE, he spent the majority of his career in Dunedin, working for larger building companies then latterly contracting his services to smaller builders. As RenoMasters business expanded, Rob joined the team full-time. The addition of Rob ensures that your home renovation will be more accurately costed as well as providing expert knowledge on project management and attention to detail which, in turn, means a more streamlined renovation.


Lynette McMullan is a valuable member of the RenoMasters team. Her meticulous organisational, accounting and administration skills keeps the boys on their toes and the books in order. Having a finger on the pulse on all aspects of the business takes a lot of pressure off the team enabling them to build and not be bogged down with paper work. Lynette works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that all facets of the business run smoothly. Lynette is the glue for the builders, contractors and customers!

Originally from Germany, Etienne first came to New Zealand in 2010 as an exchange student and lived in Napier. Back in Germany he started a Bio engineering degree. However, after 2 years he decided it wasn't for him and returned to Napier and his girlfriend, as they had maintained a (very) long distance relationship.

They relocated to Queenstown where both Etienne and his girlfriend worked at Mitre 10. He went on to be a Hammer Hand and apprentice for a local building company. During his time in Queenstown Etienne worked on high-end residential builds averaging 4-6 million. In April 2018 Etienne married his high school sweetheart and they moved to Dunedin so Etienne could join our team.



Simon Smith is a very talented and experienced builder who has joined the RenoMasters team. Simon’s passion for building started at a young age. He completed the carpentry course at Otago Polytechnic at age 17 and went to perfect his skills as a builder for almost 10 years before taking a short break from the industry.  Simon missed the trade and is excited to be back on the tools. Simon has been working out at the gym for just about as long as he has been building. If you get to see Simon on site you will know why he got his nick name “Muscles”. When not working (or working out) Simon enjoys spending time with his wife and baby daughter, renovating their family home and playing lots of sports (when time permits!)


Steffan Lewis hales from a small coastal town in Wales called Fishguard but he proudly now calls Dunedin home, for a few reasons.  Steffan stems from a rugby mad family and has been playing rugby since he was 3 years old. It was a family holiday to New Zealand in 2017 for the Lions rugby tour where he fell in love with New Zealand and decided to stay. So, after saying goodbye to his family at Christchurch airport he secured a carpentry job with a local building company (through playing rugby).  This company took him through to Queenstown where he was building high spec houses, before he decided to move to Dunedin in 2019 to be with his partner Georgia, 2 dogs and more recently the addition of their daughter.  Steffan is super excited to be part of the RenoMasters team.



Craig Dale recently joined the growing RenoMasters family of merry builders. Craig grew up and was educated on the North Shore before embarking on a 15 year career path as a qualified offset printer which then followed with a 6 year stint as self-employed business owner. After moving and settling his family into the Dunedin life he decided to follow his passion into the building arena as an apprentice builder. Craig’s printing training gives him a good eye for detail and great head for problem solving, making him a great support and asset to the other builders.  He is also sport, outdoor and fishing mad (a common interest) which gives the boys a lot to chat about at break times!



Contractor Builders - Jayden and Cory

Jayden Armishaw (on the left) is Dunedin born and bred and decided at an early age to become a builder. Jayden specialised in new house builds for three years, before changing tact to home renovations and contract building. His practical can-do attitude is well suited to renovations given the often complex problem solving skills required. Jayden’s other interests are all things cars; speedway and demolition derby.

Cory is the younger brother of Jayden. He also had the desire from an early age to become a builder. After qualifying and four years of building homes in Dunedin, Cory moved to Auckland to work on Commercial builds.  He returned to his Dunedin roots where he moved into contract building. Cory’s love for building means that even in his spare time he is involved in a building project of some form, whether it be for himself or his family.

Jayden and Cory are a formidable team of building contractors and well respected amongst clients and team at RenoMasters. 



Andrea Elliott is in charge of the Marketing Department (aka the Colouring-In Department). Andrea has a creative background as well as an extensive knowledge and background in property; renovation and property management. Andrea is kept very busy with creating content and design of all digital and print marketing material, organising events and social media for the company.

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