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Valley Bungalow Reno

Project Scope

When the owners of this property purchased this existing rental property they envisaged a quick paint and re-carpet.

However, after talking to the RenoMasters team and after weighing up the benefits of a quick cosmetic tidy up versus a full renovation they could see the value of spending a little bit more now, to increase the rental standard as well as rental return on investment.

So, they decided to go full steam ahead and totally renovate this wooden house to ensure they were future-proofing their investment.

They were familiar with the work that RenoMasters had done on a previous rental property renovation and decided to trust the team to carry out this project for them. 


Interior Project work

All the internal wall linings were replaced and insulated at the same time along with underfloor insulation fitted and upgrading of the ceiling insulation. 

The interior all had a full fresh paint job of modern soft grey and white colour palate.

A new kitchen and upgraded appliances were installed along with new bathroom fixtures and fittings.

New plumbing, electrics, lights and flooring along with new curtains were also installed.

Exterior Project Work

The iron roof was in good condition so was painted a gun metal grey colour to compliment the black and white colour scheme.

Some of the exterior rough sawn timber weather boards were replaced in portions where 2 windows were removed.  These were all painted black, the trims painted in white for a crisp fresh look (from the previous brown and cream paint scheme).


With most of the budget going into the house the section received a minimal makeover. 

Many of the trees in the back yard were overgrown and restricted house sun. So many were either removed or given a hard trim.

The front of the yard is a large off-street parking area and the front concrete path area was water blasted and a fresh layer of gravel was laid to tidy up this area. The deck area and trellis fence also received a water blast.​


Now the owners have a warm, dry, modern rental property that will be repairs and maintenance free for the next 10 years.

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