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Farley Street Renovation

Built in the late 1960's, this house hadn't received much attention over recent decades. This house has three double bedrooms, a bathroom & separate toilet, open plan dining and kitchen, and large living room. The age, lack of maintenance and a few extra dents and knocks may have put most buyers off, but instead presented the perfect opportunity for the RenoMasters team.  

Please Note: This is an ongoing project so this webpage will be updated regularly. Follow RenoMasters on Facebook and Instagram to see updates as they are posted.


There is not a large amount of structural work that will be taking place in this renovation. 

cplans slightly adjusted at the beginning as load-bearing walls were discovered and some support beams had to stay in place.

demolition only took a couple days with four pairs of hands. Every wall was stripped to reveal no insulation behind it but instead leaves and birds nests. 

a new concrete floor will be laid as a layer of added protection and as the house has not had any substantial renovations or extensive maintenance in many years



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