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Shiel Hill Renovation​

The owners of this property were captivated by the location, size, and views of the house and had no desire to move. However, the interior was in dire need of a renovation. They aimed to modernise the space, enhance its warmth with insulation and double glazing, and improve its functionality to meet their needs.


The owners of this property found a particular eyesore in the form of a structural beam located in the living room. However, it was skillfully removed and replaced with a new beam to provide necessary structural support. The new beam was seamlessly integrated into the roof framing above the existing one, allowing for more space and flexibility. Notably, the renovation showcased the remarkable use of a spider crane to lift a nearly 200kg double glazed window to the second-story lounge.

Moving to the upper storey of the house, it encompasses the master bedroom, ensuite bathroom, and walk-in wardrobe. The existing wall linings, including the staircase descending from the master bedroom, were stripped away.

The ensuite bathroom is adorned with a luxurious door-less shower, offering an exquisite experience. Soft grey tiles elegantly cover the shower area, floor, and front of the vanity, resulting in a seamless and cohesive aesthetic. The shower itself is spacious and equipped with a double showerhead and a cosmetic insert. Ample storage is provided by the double vanity, and a sensor light enhances convenience. The entire room has been fitted with new plumbing fittings, completing the transformation.

Moving to the bathroom downstairs, it had a similar appearance to the one upstairs prior to the renovation. The outdated 80's interior design and pink tiling were removed, giving way to a fresh new style that distinguishes it from the ensuite. The downstairs bathroom features a dome shower, bath, vanity, and new toilet. The white wash vinyl flooring and black tiling and accents add a modern touch to the space.

Exterior Work:

A new deck was built that extends from the lounge, an ideal spot for soaking up the afternoon sun.

Soffit was redone under the house for a clean look, also acting as weather and rodent protection. Weatherboards were replaced on exterior walls of the living room  The exterior was also repainted from a plum purple to bright white.



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