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Cosmetic Renovation

Project Scope

This 2004 McRaeway build, whilst in good structural condition, was looking a bit tired and out of fashion when the RenoMasters team were asked to help. 

The owners wanted to: upgrade the house heating system - Changing out an inefficient diesel fire, rebuilding the fire surround and installing a new gas fire in the lounge installing a central ducted heat pump heating system. They also wanted to paint the interior.


Interior Project work (to date)

The interior work undertaken was; painting the doors, frames and skirtings, feature wallpaper in the entrance way, new curtains, carpet, central ducted heat pump system, upgrading some of the electrics and lighting, changing the water heating to gas and installation of a gas fire. Plus, re-painting the front door and garage door.

Future Work

This project is still a work in progress as the kitchen and ensuite have not been renovated at this stage. The outside of the property will be tackled over summer with the decking area being increased, some landscaping and replanting undertaken, plus the fences, eaves and soffits painted.


So, here we can show you the work to date, how it looked before and how it looks now. We hope you are as impressed as our owners are. They were ecstatic with the result, seeing how their house could be transformed with what was essentially a cosmetic makeover.

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