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Building Guarantee 

Master Builders Guarantee

RenoMasters have been Registered Master Builders since 2019 and continue to uphold the standards of 

represent the best of the industry and uphold the highest standards

Undertaking a build or renovation is a long-term investment and homeowners want to ensure they they are choosing the right people for the job. Choosing a Registered master Builder, you can rest assured that you are choosing quality professional builders.

To become a Registered Master Builder require certain criteria to be met. This includes experience, trade and professional qualifications, on-site management and workmanship. You can also have full confidence that in the unlikely event of something going wrong, you will be covered financially and the work will be completed.

You can read more about the Master Builders Guarantees here

Licensed Building Practitioners

RenoMasters are Licensed Building Practitioners. This scheme was introduced in 2007 in response changes to the Building Act 2004:

- to assess and record building practitioners as having certain skills and knowledge relevant to building work and;

- to license building practitioners so that they can carry out or supervise restricted building work.

From October 2022. all LBPs must comply with a code of ethics. This will ensure high standards are maintained in the industry while giving the public more confidence that LBPs are reputable and operate ethically. 

The code of ethics is made up of four key areas, work safety, act within the law, take responsibility for your actions and behave professionally.

This code of ethics also provides people e.g. homeowners with an avenue to complain should an LBP breach the standards. At RenoMasters, and as LBPs, we hold ourselves to this code of ethics.

Updates to Building Codes

From 1 May, all new building work in residential NZ buildings under 300m2 must meet H1 wall, floor and roof insulation performance requirements to enable the efficient use of energy and ensure physical conditions for energy performance.

Window and door insulation requirements will be gradually introduced as part of the stage implementation process.

Insulation requirements vary on a residential home's location within New Zealand. the north island currently have a different minimum requirement to the South Island but this will soon be updated.

The building code provides three methods for compliance:

The schedule method - meet the minimum R-values for building envelop components - roof, window, external walls and floor.

The Calculation method - meet the whole building heat loss parameter by calculating overall heat loss from all building envelope elements and allows trading off between elements so you can us higher R-values for some elements that the table show and lower R-values for others.

The Modelling method - a calculation of the energy demand for the whole building using whole building calculation software.

Licensed Building Practitioners and all other registered builders in New Zealand must abide by these building codes to uphold the high standard of workmanship.

You can read more about the code of compliances and building codes here:

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