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Waverly Revamp​

Check out another one of RenoMasters' ongoing renovation projects in Waverley.

Originally built in the 1970s, this home's design features perfectly embody the aesthetic of that era. Vibrant colored walls, paisley-patterned carpet, and dark timber cabinetry were prevalent throughout. Although previous homeowners have diligently maintained the property, the property's new owners have decided that it is in need of a substantial overhaul.

The forthcoming renovation will encompass a complete remodeling of all three bedrooms, including new carpeting, gib, and windows. A pivotal aspect of transforming the kitchen, living, and dining areas will involve removing two existing walls that currently divide them. The windows will also be replaced with larger ones to maximise the homeowners' breathtaking view of the harbor and surrounding suburbs.

Additionally, downstairs, there is currently a 42m2 room with a built-in bar situated in the far corner. The new plans intend to convert this space into a games room, as well as incorporate a fourth bedroom and an office. We can't wait to see the final result of this renovation!

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