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Full House Renovation in Maryhill


Ashley purchased her house in 2016 and took her time before deciding on her renovation. She lived in the house for 18 months and got to feel how the house needed to work and function for her and her lifestyle.  Also, because she lived in the house during the extensive renovation process the renovations were split into two main areas to ensure the least amount of disruption to her and her cat. 


Stage one of the renovation included moving the laundry from the basement into the open plan kitchen and living areas (hiding the appliances behind cabinetry), removing the hot water cylinder for gas and also an old fire place, opening up the living and dining room areas, installing a beam and demolishing a second obsolete fireplace in the lounge, upgrading the bathroom and toilet whilst adding a wash basin in the toilet. Luckily the kitchen had previously been upgraded so she only needed a minor cosmetic upgrade there.


Stage two involved the 3 bedrooms, wardrobes and hall.


All walls were insulated and relined, as were the ceilings, windows replaced with aluminium double glazed and a ducted central heat pump system was installed.


The house is now very warm and modern throughout – exactly what the customer ordered.


Ashley found that working with the team at RenoMasters was seamless, on time, on budget and stress free – this was very reassuring for a single woman who appreciated the guidance along the way to ensure that the decisions were practical and possible!

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