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Vintage Restoration​

Renovation is the game, vintage restoration is the name. This home had many historical features that its home owners loved however, the layout and space of the interior was not as functional as this family required. After deciding that a kitchen extension and bathroom renovation was the route they wanted to take, they got in contact with Dunedin's kitchen & bathroom renovation experts, RenoMasters.

This classic Dunedin home received the RenoMasters treatment and got a full interior and exterior makeover. A kitchen, two bathrooms, living room, bedroom wardrobes and more, there was nothing left untouched in this renovation.

The key is in the details and staying true to the character of the home, new trim around the doors and windows was replicated from existing trim.

Over 11m2 of floor space was added to the kitchen as the renovation began with an extension. New windows, doors, central heating and insulation throughout ensures an easily warmed home. Both bathrooms now have underfloor heating as well.



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